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13 September 2011 @ 12:07 pm

Après la Pluie ©2008Gobelins from Emmanuelle Walker on Vimeo.

Fucking gorgeous animation.

Okay off to work :3



So cute :3

Also if you ever needed incentive to NEVER GO TO AUSTRALIA FUCKING EVER:

Not too bad right? Just an orb weaver, right?


Sweet dreams, guys.

Yeah, I've been on a bit of an arachnid kick lately.

Pretty informative video
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On a less serious note, the months-long game has reached it's conclusion. Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives! ...Sorry, I was somehow channeling Christopher Eccleston.

In any case, for those of you attached to your characters in the game, or just want to see their shenanigans play out, here's the community and the journals:

Tina Clay : stake_and_bake
Leopold Reynolds: bloodycontracts
Icarus Anthen: mybffphillip
Clio DeLuca:
David Vardez: finishes_last
Nathan Caldur: detectivescruff

The Comm: rac_privateeye
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16 June 2011 @ 10:11 am

Vanillaware does one thing but it does it very, very well. Sidescroller action games with lovingly rendered handpainted graphics and a very distinct style. Okay, maybe not GrimGrimoire which was a sidescroller RTS with lovingly rendered handpainted graphics. But Vanillaware fills a niche, a niche that desperately needs filling. I understand that there is a breed of gamer that says 'it's not the graphics that make the game' but in a any visual medium, I don't fucking buy that. The gameplay in every Vanillaware game has, at it's lows, been sufficient, and at it's highs buttery smooth and intuitive. They have perfected a system. What they're aiming for is an aesthetic. And they certainly hit the nail on the head.

The artistic style of Vanillaware games is sort of the bastard love child of Mark Schultz and Lisa Frank, but in a good way. You have Schultz's level of rendering and exceptional attention to detail with that late 70s kitchen-sink fantasy style that the revival of Lord of the Rings brought on, but the colours in their games are vibrant, bordering on garish but not quite. Every character is larger than life and seems to breathe, like your playing in an actual illustration. Muramasa's boss monsters are a particular favourite of mine, although the Queen of the Dead in Odin Sphere also gives me chills.

Games like this don't really get made anymore, so seeing more of the same from Vanillaware isn't necessarily a bad thing. Innovation is a great thing to be sure, but there's also something to be said about perfecting something that's already pretty damn good.

Also Saints Row the Third looks fucking batshit awesome.
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The short of it: L.A. Noire is an awesome game and if you have a PS3, you should go buy it right now and play it.

The long of it: L.A. Noire is a throwback to oldschool third person adventure/puzzle games of the Tim Schafer variety with a few driving and combat sections thrown in to hold the gnat-like attention spans of the Nintendo generation. It reminds me of a mix between Grim Fandango, Ace Attorney and Deadly Premonition minus the charm, whimsy and supernatural elements those games posses and with a lot more gritty murders and stern looking men being stern.

I will say it now, Cole Phelps is as bland and boring and cardboard as a protagonist can get. He's the picture-perfect caricature of the stony-faced-my-past-is-so-sad-and-that-should-make-me-interesting-but-it-really-doesn't hard-boiled detective that denizens of the 21st century think protagonists from the Film Noire generation were but actually weren't. I like his partner infinitely more, but what can I say. I tend to like characters with more than two mood settings.

Phelps aside, the side characters are fucking great. The mysteries are genuinely intriguing and it's fun getting to the bottom of all these sordid little affairs. I like the emphasis the game puts on exploration, and if you couldn't tell from how I drool all over the Assassin's Creed games, I love exploring historical locales rendered pretty accurately. The visuals are great as well. I love that the game is rendered in bright, sunny colours rather than going the obvious route and using faded and drab pallets that would give it an old timey effect. It definitely gives the impression that this is the present day for the characters, and it the over saturation makes it look like sunny California.

Hmm... what else...? Driving and combat is clunky but manageable, but that's not really what you're playing the game for. That's what you play the Grand Theft Auto games for. This is, at it's heart, a puzzle game and a good one.


Other news, a couple weeks ago Jay finally broke me and got me to make a WoW account. I now have a level 60 human 100 Gold Hussy Rogue named Felix Grey. I just bought the Burning Crusade expansion. Shut up don't judge me.

I love playing with him and Missa but MMOs are always best enjoyed with friends

As a note, this is only tiding me over until Guild Wars II comes out.


And because I can never not bitch about something, I have to say one thing about WoW;


Also goblin females are fucking adorable.


Releases I am anticipating in the coming two months:

Alice: The Madness Returns

Also, will be asking for a oh god not sure if I can say it... ...a 360 and a kinect for my birthday. Because Dance Central oh my god yes. Also Deadly Premonition~ Since I'm not paying $100+ for an import of the Japanese Red Seeds Profile for the PS3.


And to wrap up, here's a little something from the bowels of my twisted little mind:

The I-System VS The Blacklight Virus

No, seriously. I was playing Prototype the other day and I just couldn't help but have this weird sense of Deja Vu. Like I had seen this story play out somewhere before... Then it hit me.

Prototype is a darker, grittier version of Hideaki Anno's RE: Cutie Honey.


Both protagonists are non-human doppelgangers for characters that are already dead (the Blacklight Virus for Alex Mercer and the I-System for Honey Kisaragi) with hardly any information on their actual pasts. Both are motivated by revenge. Both are uberpowered shape-shifters that can run up buildings and have to eat their weight in humans/infected or in Honey's case onigiri to replenish their strength. Both are fighting against their evil (or in Alex's case, eviler) prototypes with the aid of their Badass Normal partner who starts off as an antagonist but eventually becomes an ally with a bit of Gay/Lesbian sexual tension on the side. Eventually the true antagonists (Greene/Sister Jill) spread their infection far too wide and the government decides to nuke Manhattan/Tokyo and the protagonists have to put themselves in the way of the bomb to stop it. Alex flies the bomb off the island where it detonates in the sea and he gets caught in the blast and regenerates from a single cell. Honey absorbs the bomb and turns it into a Care Bear Stare.

The only difference? Honey could totally kick Alex's ass.

But... in the off-chance Alex were to win, and he absorbed Honey, I wonder what kind of changes he might undergo in his personality?


I can live with that.

Art post coming soon~♥

Jabbers out.
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04 May 2011 @ 08:29 am
2011 is turning into 'tis the year I do not regret owning my PS3 and my super-duper magical black monolith of a computer. There are a metric fuckton of games coming out this year that I'm extremely excited for which is rare. Usually there are one or two, but this year it seems like I want every game ever. To make my life easy, I'm prioritizing the games I desperately want with the ones I'm deeply interested in with a three-star system. Three stars means I have it preordered and nothing is standing in my way of getting this game. Two means I'll probably wait for a sale or something to pick it up. I want it, but I can hold off for my bank account's sake. One star means I want it, but I ain't paying 60$ for it.

cut for a long list of why Jabbers is a spoiled bratCollapse )

In other news, look! It's so cute how the PS3 is trying to be the Wii. Cut it out guys. Most of the people who want to own something with the Wii style controls? BOUGHT THE FUCKING WII.

Also beat Portal 2 yesterday. I feel so good about it. Like I'm a million miles above the earth. In space~♥

Was Portal 2 better than Portal? No, but I certainly found it to be as good, definitely more challenging, and Missa and I are starting the co-op part of things and finding it to be quite fun. My last thoughts on the sequel are this: a great sequel to a great game. It maintains the wit and charm the first had without rehashing old jokes. It's fun, funny and I even shed a little tear at the end with the fond farewell the game sends you off with. Valve, you guys fucking rock.

The diet is going well also. I've been sticking to my guns and eating healthy, and doing sit-ups every morning. Walkies with patchouli are a little tricky on account of our schedules being what they are, but we occasionally manage.

I will have artses up soon~ Till then, Jabs has left the building.
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27 April 2011 @ 11:07 am
Because I am a sharing and caring person, I scanned and uploaded the 17 day diet to my computer. A very special thanks to the customer who brought this in! patchouli and I are totally psyched to try it, and if you have friends interested in losing some weight quickly for the rapidly approaching summer, don't hesitate to link them here.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8
page 9
page 10

I'm already planning out my grocery list so here's hoping this works!
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26 April 2011 @ 09:56 am
Sketches of some of my favourite silent protags.

I'm thinking about doing a full-colour collage and adding in a few more. I do love silent protagonists.

Okay I have to go to work in 20 minutes! Later tonight or tomorrow, I'll be updating with another sketch dump with all my doodles on loose leaf paper.

Edit: Please leave a suggestion as to what silent protagonists you want to see make it to the super special awesome collage :D
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26 April 2011 @ 12:53 am
Well, since I made this journal essentially for dumping my twisted doodles on an unsuspecting world, I should probably get right on that whole "art" thing.

So without further ado, enjoy my sketchbook.

All of the things.Collapse )

In other news, went to Dracula's Ball on saturday with transrelativity and Missy~♥ Had a metric fuckton of fun and totally want to go again. I got to hug the lead singer to Ayria too! She was so cool with her bright pink dreds X3

I also have not yet set fire to my place of work. Though I'm sure it would be immensely satisfying to watch a cursed building burn, in the long run I need those nice, pretty paychecks full of money so I can keep a roof over my head.

There are so many silly, wonderful things in my life right now. In spite of being an emotional mess, I'm enjoying myself immensely. Starting the 17 Day Diet next week. Looking to loose about 20-25 lbs. Very excite! So I may have something else to update this journal with.

Went shopping with patchouli and ibleedexile. Kerri needed new clothes and I was along for the ride and managed to pick up a few things for myself. It was lots of fun, but I don't think I ever want to shop for 7 hours again. I was ready to crash by the time it was over.

All in all, life is good. I have the most wonderful friends in the world, and I wouldn't change that for anything.
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