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04 May 2011 @ 08:29 am
Chapter 8: The Part Where He Kills You  
2011 is turning into 'tis the year I do not regret owning my PS3 and my super-duper magical black monolith of a computer. There are a metric fuckton of games coming out this year that I'm extremely excited for which is rare. Usually there are one or two, but this year it seems like I want every game ever. To make my life easy, I'm prioritizing the games I desperately want with the ones I'm deeply interested in with a three-star system. Three stars means I have it preordered and nothing is standing in my way of getting this game. Two means I'll probably wait for a sale or something to pick it up. I want it, but I can hold off for my bank account's sake. One star means I want it, but I ain't paying 60$ for it.

***Starting off, L.A. Noire. Automatically appeals to me because I love mystery games, especially the kind that happen to take place in my favourite period of film making.

**Second of all Beyond Good And Evil H.D..
If there's a game out there that deserves a re-release with a nice, H.D. upgrade, it's this one. BGE is an absolutely beautiful game to look at and probably one of my favourites from Ubisoft. Well, what can I say? They're a company that rarely disappoints. I'm hoping they release it with some nice extras as well. Concept art, interviews... that sort of thing.

**Third is Outland.
Goooooooood Ubisoft stop enticing me with your extremely pretty and delicious action/adventure/platformer/puzzle games. Stoooop iiiiiit.

***Fourth? Alice: The Madness Returns.
I have fond memories of playing the original American McGee's Alice with my dad. Our favourite weapon was the jacks and we just loved how when they'd go for an enemy and slice them to bits. The game was a bit clunky but at the time of it's release it was so visually stunning and fun that the occasional death-by-camera-angle didn't fuss me too much. And the sequel is looking equally exciting!

**Fifth~ Shadows of the Damned
Just read the description and you will know why this game is like, insta-appealing. Fuck you Suda51. You crazy, wonderful lunatic.

***Sixth~ Catherine.
My roommates can attest that I cannot shut the fuck up about how excited I am about this game. I've had dreams about this game. Granted they are x-rated dreams but nonetheless. Also, goddamn Catherine is hot.

*Seventh~ Child of Eden.
This looks like an absolutely stunning game with some pretty music, albeit one I may hold off on till the price goes down.

*Eighth~ Batman: Arkham City
Fuck yeah!

***************Ninth~ ICO and Shadow of the Colossus H.D. Bundle
IDK if this is being released with The Last Guardian or if it's a separate thing but lasaladjljlsaljdkslfdljaf;l

Okay done.

*Tenth~ I Am Alive
This looks like a very interesting game with a different premise and what may seem like genuinely difficult moral choices. I am intrigued and excited.

**Eleventh~ Journey
I'm always excited to see people doing new things with the new technology available so I'm very interested to see what TGC's take on the old adventure genre is.

**Twelfth~ Prototype 2
The first one is too much fun for words. A game about being a raging virus-man that eats people and karate kicks helicopters is the kind of game that appeals to the Ainsley v. much. For the sequel I'm hoping they improve on some of the things that bugged me with the first on so we'll see. And maybe Heller won't be such a fucking cat about water. Every time I accidentally fell in the ocean I would have to make a catlike hissing sound as a disgruntled Alex sprung out.

*Thirteenth~ Ravensdale
A steampunk beat-'em-up sounds like just what the doctor ordered :3

*Fourteenth~ Saints Row the Third
I always found the selling point of the Saints Row games to be 'how batshit can you be?'. This is a good selling point because they let you be pretty fucking batshit if I do say so myself.

***Fifteenth~ Silent Hill: Downpour
Let's just say I haven't anticipated a Silent Hill game like this since Silent Hill: The Room. I am very excite.

***Sixteenth~ Guild Wars 2.
I really enjoy Guild Wars. I like the way ArenaNet and NCSoft handles things. I have seen nothing but good things from the footage I saw of this game. I like the 'you only buy the game once' policy. I like the instanced maps where the only thing I had to worry about with my party was monsters and not other players. I like the dynamic gameplay that actually looks like it's going to feel intuitive.

If they achieve what they're hoping to achieve and revolutionize the MMORPG (and with the sheer number of WoW clones it needs some revolutionizing) this game is going to be a big fucking deal.

****************************************************Last but certainly... well. Last. The Last Guardian
Again, do not ask me about this game or you'll just hear a lot of incoherent spazzing and frothing at the mouth. This game has been delayed over and over because Ueda is an anal retentive madman. I love him for it, because the quality of his games is never lacking but Jesus Christ sir, I feel like you're just taunting everyone now!

In other news, look! It's so cute how the PS3 is trying to be the Wii. Cut it out guys. Most of the people who want to own something with the Wii style controls? BOUGHT THE FUCKING WII.

Also beat Portal 2 yesterday. I feel so good about it. Like I'm a million miles above the earth. In space~♥

Was Portal 2 better than Portal? No, but I certainly found it to be as good, definitely more challenging, and Missa and I are starting the co-op part of things and finding it to be quite fun. My last thoughts on the sequel are this: a great sequel to a great game. It maintains the wit and charm the first had without rehashing old jokes. It's fun, funny and I even shed a little tear at the end with the fond farewell the game sends you off with. Valve, you guys fucking rock.

The diet is going well also. I've been sticking to my guns and eating healthy, and doing sit-ups every morning. Walkies with patchouli are a little tricky on account of our schedules being what they are, but we occasionally manage.

I will have artses up soon~ Till then, Jabs has left the building.
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