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17 April 2011 @ 11:23 pm
Exactly what it says on the tin.

My roommates and I are retarded. Also we probably shouldn't be watching two films about protagonists who's PARENTS ARE DEAD in a row. Otherwise you get stupid stuff like this.

Also I am so glad I am off tomorrow. My work schedule has been leaving me only partially functional.

I want to have sex with so many people right now. Well, by people I mean Nicole Kidman. I'll have my facility of genetic engineers get right on cloning that foxy laday.
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16 April 2011 @ 09:55 pm
As promised :D

Winhoe Ton

Wilhelm: A monk with his nipple pierced. Shut up don't judge me.

The Unfortunately Named Elsa the Iron Fisted.

A Gay Robot

A Sketch Full of Sex

Tarragon Manor: Rosemary's Bedroom

Tarragon Manor: Study

Tarragon Manor: Foyer

Naked People

Mecha Sphinxes

Dancing Shapeshifting elf necromancer Wilde

Setch Page of Things

Can you guess who Hambot is?

In other news, hit up Vicky's Secret for stockings for a vampire ball or Dracula's Ball or Bella Lugosi's Giant Cahones or something. Very excited~ and Val Kilmer in a dress clearly approves.
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15 April 2011 @ 02:06 pm
Oh long time no see my old friend LJ. How I neglect you in favour of working myself to an early grave at a coffee shop.

Well, now is a good a time as any to get back into keeping up my LJ, especially since I've been thinking about RPing again. In like, a game, not with like one or two people over AIM.

So yes, characters I've been thinking about getting back into good ol' LJ RP with?

Well, there are my kind of default muse things I go to who are always easy to play anywhere; Yorda, Sakon, Balthier and Honey being my darlings.

But now that I have my PS3 back in working order, a few other muses seem to be nudging me. Namely the Prince of the really pretty Prince of Persia game. Could have fun with the whole "So what's your name?" thing. Fuck that Destan shit, he's always just The Prince to me. Problem is, while I love the more recent re-imagining of this Prince, my heart will always belong to the lovely chap from the Sands of Time who originally sounded like he was educated at Cambridge and complained like a champion. So it's a tough choice on Princes, especially since SoT has gone through so many changes (many of which were met with Stern Disapproval) and the story just got all twisty and weird, especially with all the spin-off games (only one and a half of which I've played).

Second of all is Ezio Auditore de Firenze mostly because I'm the kind of person that, in a game taking place in Renaissance Italy, I want to play an ninja who says 'Bene' like a motherfuckin' pimp.

Third and foremost is a character from a game I haven't actually played on account of not having an X-Box 360. I have, however, been following closely the 100% completion Let's Play. That's right. Agent Francis York fucking Morgan. I just want to throw this wonderful ball of insanity into some game somewhere and just watch the utter mindscrew that happens when he walks into a room and opens his mouth. I think he'd be fun to play as I seem to have a thing for deeply intelligent but highly neurotic detective characters with multiple personalities. Also York seems to share my love for punk rock and old B movies.

Another thing for me to ramble about is, after looking up some things on the new Silent Hill movie, subtitled 'Revelation', I found this and wasn't nearly upset as I thought.

I'll get to the why of that in a minute, but first I need to ask a very important question.

How the fuck do they plan on making a movie based on the third game after that profoundly stupid corner they wrote themselves into at the end of the first film?! No, seriously. Did Heather just grow up in the foggy otherworld? Speaking of, the girl they got to play Heather? Not too shabby. Could do with the reddish bags under her eyes but otherwise, I can't complain. Vincent on the other hand...

Anyway, back to why I'm not so upset about our friend P-diddy appearing in the third film as I was about his little tapdance and wink in the first film. I suspect that our good friend Triangle Man is probably going to fulfill the role of Valtiel, acting as the guide rather than an antagonist. At least I hope so. After all, it's pretty common fan speculation that Pyramid Head and Valtiel are similar entities, if not one in the same with just different roles to play. Pyramid Head acted as judge, jury and executioner to James' and his massive pile of guilt, while Valtiel was benevolent (as much so as some twisted abomination of the Silent Hill otherworld can be anyway) towards Heather. Both seem to have roles equivalent to angels or demigods. So if they're simply playing on what is already fan speculation and using Pyramid Head's image just to make it more accessible to more casual fans? Sure, okay, I can deal. Just get rid of the goddamn bugs. I mean seriously, what the hell.

Eagerly awaiting both Catherine and American McGee's Alice in June. And Portal 2...

Anwyay, should have a massive sketch and art dump soon since it's been ...several... months... since... ...yeah. Let's just pretend that there isn't over a year's difference between this post and my last one.

A'ight. Jabbers out!
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09 April 2010 @ 04:44 pm

I found out today Rob Zombie pretty much lives down the street for me, next to the park where I like to go swimming.

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30 March 2010 @ 02:19 am
Nothing to say except...


oh yeah, I fixed AIM :3
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03 February 2010 @ 11:59 pm
I sometimes hate that I can't seem to have my cake and eat it too. This is especially aggravating because I really really like cake.

I've been busy. Not just at work, since I've been more on the hunt for a fourth job since my weekly hours are absolute crap, and old people don't tip for dangling shitpickles here. I want to quit waitressing and get something with a nice, steady payroll so I can have money to leave this place. Fucking medical bills dadlksfkldjaklakljdsklflkdsa

I also haven't been drawing much. I do have a rather large piece I'm working on at the moment, but my sketching has been sparse.

No, I've been organizing.

I've been called scatterbrained all my life, and I never realized what it really meant until a few days ago when I sat down to do some work on Barberry. It hit me right in my imaginary nads as I browsed through my art, sketches, concepts and ideas for this little pet project that I didn't have any real progress made on it besides a couple of pretty pictures, some neat sketches and a rough game script.

Oh I had ideas, all written down in half formed sentences and mad scribbles on napkins, scrap paper, anything I could grab when something hit. But it's like tangled bits of coloured thread, all balled up. It looks kinda pretty, but there's nothing really tangible there.

A year and a half of work with little to show for it. It's annoying but it's also eye-opening. It's no secret that I care about this project of mine, so it's not like the passion isn't there. I've been working on it at least 20 hours a week [on a slow week], between work, RP and apartment hunting, so the motivation is definitely there.

My problem is that the inside of my head gets like that thread; all tangled up. It's always been hard for me to keep one thought, one idea straight. I want to do a million things all at once but I don't have the patience or the discipline to start and finish just one. Multitasking is so ingrained in me right now that I can't single-task anymore.

I hunted down a couple of scripters and a musician. I'm gonna need more people on board with this, especially artists, but it's definitely a start.

I'm determined to make this thing. And no one can stop me.

Not even myself.
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19 November 2009 @ 04:31 am
Well, apparantly this is what happens when I can't draw for over a month. I sit down at the computer and do nothing BUT draw. And not just my usual doodles, this is Jabber's art having been essentially cockblocked for weeks on end. Jabbers has gotten back to work on her gorram comic.

Cover to The Ogre and the Inkstone - Yeah, pretty much an artgasm for me. I like doing illustrations like this, but they are so time consuming I usually just stick to rougher stuff. I find the more I do water, the more I like it.

Ogre and the Inkstone - Page 1 - Pretty old piece, just here for the sake of context.

Ogre and the Inkstone - Page 2 - I worked on the bottom two panels back when my fingers were still broked so that's why they look so bad. The top panel I finished last night.

Okay! I'm pretty much caught up on back-entries in the disco, I should probably check that I haven't been chucked out of Poly, my thumb is healed, I'm off until tuesday after tomorrow, and I desperately need to take photos of my somewhat crooked middle finger :D SERIOUSLY, IT'S AWESOME.

Tomorrow night, I'm gonna chill, play some RO, do some much craved RPing, and hug my kitten.
08 November 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Best. Day. Ever.

I have my right hand back! My middle finger actually healed a little crooked at the top b-but! I can draw and write and DO THINGS!

My thumb is still on the fucked end of the spectrum but I don't care, I can use my right hand and type.

Gonna get on AIM tuesday, after my driving test, just to make sure my fingers HAVE healed and this isn't wishful thinking on my behalf. Though... I DO want to post the horror that is me attempting to draw with my fingers bandaged together...

cut for bad, bad artCollapse )
My RO priestess.


and I can't shade inside the lines :\
02 November 2009 @ 11:47 pm
I can kind of type! Key words being 'kind of'. My left is not my dominant hand so typing is kind of a struggle and my thumb is still wrapped up. Still, my left middle finger seems to pretty much be all better (aside from a little atrophy :\) I honestly don't think it was broken at all, probably just sprained really bad but I DO NOT QUESTION DOCTOR FISHBORN. Oh well, one finger healed, two more and a thumb to go :3

I may pop on aim tomorrow or something just to say hi to people but replies will be really slow.

Hopefully see some peeps tomorrow ♥
27 October 2009 @ 02:00 pm
okay keeping this short and sweet because i shouldn't even be at a comp right now.

i'm not dead in case peeps were wondering and no there is nothing wrong with my net yay!

two weeks ago i was helping dad move a brass bedstand out of nana's place so mum can sell the house. part of it wasn't screwed in right and fell on both my hands and i have a broken thumb and hairline fractures on my left middle finger and my right middle and index fingers.

typing is not only awkward due to bandages and braces and funtiems it's also not a good idea and kind of painful.

i'm away from the net until i can use at least my right hand relatively normally which should be another week or two. the damage isn't too bad there.

sorry for the absence. i will have hilarious broken finger hijinks when i can type normally again

this really really sucks.